About Us

Denali Organics is a premiere provider of all-natural and organic liquid fish fertilizer products. Produced daily from fresh U.S. grown Catfish byproducts, our fertilizer is 100% soluble, offers sustained nitrogen release, is easily assimilatedby plants and enhances microbial activity with excellent soil amendment properties.

Denali Organics was built from the ground up to deliver value to growers of all sizes. With the largest fish hydrolysate production facility in the world, DenaliOrganics’ economies of scale can provide cost-effective solutions for small, medium and large-scale growers at prices others can’t touch. Whether you’re a hay or row crop grower who’s been under-fertilizing due to skyrocketing costs for synthetic/granular fertilizers, or your just looking for that edge in producing the finest crops at the highest yields, call today to find out how Denali Organics can help you get your land back to its best.