The benefits of all natural fertilizers are well established:

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  • organic fertilizers are environmentally safe, as there are no toxins or pollution
  • nutrients are released gradually by microbial activity which provides for a continuous supply of nutrients and trace minerals
  • whereas chemical fertilizers use only 3 basic elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, some organic fertilizers contain as many as 100 trace minerals, which will eventually rebuild the soil mineral base; trace minerals are needed by plants for optimum growth; they provide a constant flow of amino acids and fatty acids where needed; they restore the depleted vitamin and mineral content of the soil
  • the evaporation of nutrients is eliminated and they help restore dead and unproductive soil
  • leaching of nitrates into groundwater and bodies of water is non-existent
  • they provide the necessary soil microorganism which assist with the manufacture of organic matter and nitrogen fixation products that are very important to plant production and health
  • organic fertilizers do not use salt as a carrier, so there is no salt damage to soil
  • for most crops and pastures, Denali Organic’s fertilizer cost less than chemicals and produces more crops


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